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Decade of sword, now show blade. United States record after seven years of development, has gradually grown into a company involved in many areas of public works, ecological agriculture, commerce, tourism ticketing, investment management, across China, the US, East Africa, Uganda, Kenya and other countries and regions, set assets management and capital operation in an integrated holding group. & Ldquo; mountain board in excellent shape and I peak & rdquo ;, and now in the United States on track to record leaps and bounds, will move towards a more brilliant future.

Looking back on the company's course of development is inseparable from the start-up's arduous, but also inseparable from every record in the United States dedicated people fighting. Chong Hing of the United States, began in continuous improvement; the strong United States record, from innovation; United States Chong Sheng, is to grasp the overall situation. Big business and seek Road Road Lee have both, the United Nations record were always followed by the national development strategy, to focus on people's livelihood, serve the community. Group advantage of relying on its own municipal engineering construction, industrial development close integration of ecological agriculture, culture, tourism, e-commerce, people's livelihood and meticulous service industry, the depth of caring pedestrian dream, pay close attention to social progress. Group's development and social progress closely integrated, prosperous and achievements of a group of social benefit and win-win on the road.

In the country has a perfect record management model, with the fighting spirit of the elite team, a group of high-end full strategic partner. By stone hills and into the their own strengths. On the road to development and growth of the Group, we use self strong foundation, external integration advantages of resources, and create a new era of public works, commerce, tourism and other industries and common development, will become an extraordinary accumulation of work in the United States create a magnificent performance of the Group .

Seven years of accumulation, now blooming. Looking to the future, to create the United Nations create a comprehensive investment management holding group, confidence in the United States will continue to adhere record in innovation and development in order to brand the banner, with talent and promote prosperity. Power Group is determined to develop inexhaustible, win-win cooperation is the group Changsheng protection. In the wave of the modern economy, the United States will be in the forefront of the development of Creative Group, to create a more brilliant performance!

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