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CHINA ZIONLION GROUP is in the original Shanghai Tian Chang Construction Group (established in 2006) on the basis of,  restructuring mainly engaged in industrial investment, investment consulting, asset comprehensive Holdings Corporation management business, covering industry at home and abroad municipal road and bridge engineering, ecological agriculture, international trade, investment and financing, tourism and ticketing, e-commerce platform, software technology, and culture and education and so on  in 2015. Wholly owned and share-holding more than 10 enterprises, which are mainly under the jurisdiction of the company: Shanghai TianChang Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd.and ShenNong Ecological Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai TianAo International Travel Service Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Cosmos Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. ,and Shanghai Yearda International Trade Co., Ltd. and Hebei Jiudu Software Technology Co., Ltd.and Cosmos Engineering and Machinery Co., Ltd. ,and Shanghai Quanren Education, Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 
and  Shanghai Hanfu Finance and Lease Co.,Ltd. and Conley international (Hong Kong) Co.Ltd.

China ZionLion and Shanghai Tianchang Construction Co., Ltd. (STC) is mainly engaged in the construction of roads and bridges, municipal engineering company, the company has participated in the domestic Shanghai high-speed A11, A8 speed broaden Hongqiao Airport road network, based FTA building number of national key construction projects, Quanzhou, Fujian Province Bridge and other overseas form & ldquo; Pearl of Africa & rdquo; Uganda headquarters, infrastructure radiation Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ethiopia and other East African countries of multinational corporations. The company has completed the Uganda MK, NK, airport construction and other extension projects, as well as a number of projects in the construction process, the future for the company long-term stable development has laid a solid foundation.

ShenNong Ecological Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. (SN), Chongming Island in Shanghai has built 1,000 acres of agricultural science and technology park. Shannon's Institute of Microbiology, the company has a number of technical patents and independent research and development of microbial products. Company and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences microorganisms Center, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, North Carolina State University College of Agriculture has a long-term research and business cooperation.

Shanghai TianAo International Travel Service Co., Ltd. is a major commitment to provide enterprise customers with ticketing and business, meetings, incentive tours, study tours focusing on the development of products and services, tourism and immigration consulting services company. The company has offices in the United States, Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, in collaboration with the central enterprises to develop Africa Travel Company tourism. The company is the Ministry of Public Security in Europe can go to designated Chinese distributor of electronic visa agency.

Shanghai Hanfu Finance and Lease Co.,Ltd. (HF) group company invested byYearda International Trade (YEDA), Conley International (Hong Kong) Co. in the area of Central Africa international trade, finance and other service platforms, clinging to national & ldquo; along the way & ldquo; policy, integration of resources, seize opportunities, the Group is gradually becoming a new growth point.

2014 Group and Nanjing Steel Group established a joint venture overseas plus nine Zhou Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. became the first Chinese in Africa operating leases construction machinery, repair, service, spare parts sales as one of the specialized companies; 2015 Group Central African investors to set up the first & ldquo; African machinery & rdquo; ( e-commerce platform, and the establishment of bonded warehouses in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the support of Chinese industry to the high-end manufacturing equipment world, for a number of African construction company offers a full-service chain of after-market services.

The United States will be a future holding company as the core, followed by the national development strategy, further response to the call to go out to optimize the integration of the group of related industries, and actively seek and create new investment opportunities, the company became a reasonable structure, intelligence-intensive international enterprise groups.

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